Modern Healing - Healing Diet and Herbal Prescription

Healing Diet and Herbal Prescription

£75.00 (90 minute consultation, including Personalised Diet and Herbal Program)

A consultation examines a client’s current symptoms and Food Diary in order to create a personalised Healing Diet plan and Herbal (nutraceutical) Prescription.

A Healing Diet plan is created by tailoring to a client’s health needs. Healing foods of medicinal value that might be lacking in their diet will be discussed, along with foods that may be contributing to particular health risks or symptoms.

A Herbal Prescription includes a weekly schedule detailing which herbal supplements to take based on a client’s health needs. These herbal supplements include established Traditional Chinese Medicine herbal formulas, nutraceuticals, longevity herbs, nutrients, and Ayurveda herbs. Clients will also learn about which form of supplements are best for their health needs, how to choose the best quality supplements, where to find them and toxic ingredients in supplements.

Following a consultation, a personalised Healing Diet and Herbal Prescription plan will put into a booklet and be emailed to the client.


Modern Healing - Cognitive Therapy

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and EFT

£50.00 (60 minutes) 5–10 sessions recommended

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) integrates the principles of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Mindfulness and scientifically proven breathing techniques that calm and relax our sympathetic nervous system.

Clients will gain the motivation to make more positive lifestyle changes in their life, relieve stress and negative thinking, stop procrastinating, form healthy habits and behaviours, learn how to reframe faulty thoughts and discover any unconscious thoughts that may be linked to their mental or physical health.


Modern Healing - Wellness Assessment and Exam

Wellness Assessment

£75.00 (60 minutes)
£115.00 Initial session and consultation (90 minutes)

A Wellness Assessment includes a thorough intake to discover all symptoms or potential ailments in order to gain a full picture of one’s health. An integrative physical observation is performed that evaluates areas of the body to further gather information about the client’s health and find any patterns of imbalance.

A consultation follows to review any findings with a comprehensive view of the client’s health and the best strategies moving forward, including diet, herbal and lifestyle changes. Possible causes, suggested blood tests and any areas of concern will also be discussed.

Following an assessment, all findings, observations and suggestions will be put into a booklet and emailed to the client.


Modern Healing - Cold Laser Therapy and Electro-Acupuncture

Cold Laser Therapy and Electro-Acupuncture

£55.00 (60 minutes)
£70.00 Initial session and consultation (90 minutes)

This unique treatment integrates a range of effective and safe modalities that work synergistically together to powerfully stir the body’s own natural healing process to improve mitochondria dysfunction and general health, boost the immune system, relieve stress, decrease pain and improve skin health.

Clients relax while lying above a BioMat that emits infrared and negative ions. Clients then enjoy the benefits of light therapy from a safe Class 3B cold laser, electro-acupuncture using specific cell repairing frequencies, and aromatherapy using premium MH organics herbal blends. Additionally, PEMF therapy or Eastern medical treatment modalities such as gua sha, cupping or moxa are then applied, as needed.

Modern Healing - Muscle and Myofascial Release

Muscle and Myofascial Release

£50.00 (60 minutes)

This treatment integrates medicinal massage with Eastern techniques to unwind tight muscles, release the myofascia (soft tissue), and improve blood and lymphatic circulation that help to further release toxins built up in the tissues and muscles.

Clients relax above an infrared BioMat, while they enjoy gua sha, cupping or cold laser therapy (photobiomodulation). Pain relieving herbal oils from MH organics are applied to particular tender spots around the body for additional pain-relief.

Modern Healing - Face and Neck Sculpting

Face and Neck Sculpting

£40.00 (30 minutes)

High quality, pure herbal oils from MH organics are applied to the face and neck area, while specific proven effective Eastern medical techniques, like gentle gua sha, acupressure, kansa and cupping are applied to improve the appearance of wrinkles and acne, tone the skin, promote skin elasticity and contour the face and jawline.

Gentle Cryotherapy (at 5°C), ultrasonic vibration and photobiomodulation (light therapy) with a safe Class 3B cold laser are also applied to the face and neck areas to relieve tension in the muscles and fascia, boost blood circulation, encourage lymphatic drainage to banish face-bloating, and loosen tight jaw muscles. This treatment is ideal for normal to dry skin types.

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